The Tourism

Industry Board


The Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) is the largest representative body of tourism operators in New Zealand. TIA exists to lead the tourism industry and create an environment that helps their members grow and flourish.



where can i camp?

The Tourism Industry Association spearheads the Responsible Camping Forum, formed in 2007 to manage community social and environmental issues around freedom camping.

The Forum’s central message to international and Kiwi freedom campers is: Please stay in holiday parks, Department of Conservation (DOC) camping grounds or other designated areas.

These posters were created to be displayed at tourist information sites accompanied by a brochure and a sticker for the inside of tourist camping vehicles. They were produced to discourage freedom camping and the issues around pollution from human waste.

The large half A1 sized vertical poster was designed to appeal to the younger audience with the A2 poster,the older camper van tourists.



Voice Annual Report

This Annual Report was designed in a magazine style, The title suggested by blue storm has been created in a magazine banner headline style. The photographs were supplied by the industry.

Save Energy brochure

This practical guide for tourism businesses showed simple ways to save energy and money -  sometimes tens of thousands of dollars annually -  using tips from your tourism industry peers. It shows you how much they invested and what they saved.