The Banking Ombudsman


The Banking Ombudsman is a free and independent dispute resolution service that helps resolve problems with banks.


The 2013 Annual Report reflects an increasingly digitised banking system, used on a range of devices, resulting in new and unpredicted issues.



Complaints brochure

Information about the Banking Ombudsman must be displayed in banks, this brochure explains the services provided by the Ombudsman and how to proceed, if you have a banking issue.

2012 Annual Report

The 20 year anniversary was reflected in the moving forward concept behind this design.

Key facts and impressive statistics were highlighted in the opening spread and comparisons made on a later spread to show how the Ombudsman had changed.

2011 Annual Report


Annual Reports for 2008-2010

The Brand

The brand depicts two speech bubbles (or points of view) coming together symbolising the conciliatory role of the Ombudsman.